Wednesday, 27 May 2009

'3' Exhibition

'3' Exhibition. Artist Gallery, Electric House, Ipswich. 06/06/09 - 14/06/09 For more information please visit 'Lielow and Sketch' website. Here are my entries

A new image, reworked from old drawings. I've wanted to play around with a few more fashion orientated images for a while. About three years ago I produced a number of drawings intended to be used for such purpose but never got around to doing anything with them, until now. This image should be the first of a few over the next couple of months.

A reworked image from a few weeks ago about ducks in Stowmarket. I must say i think i prefer the original, but Gemma prefers the new reworked version so i flipped a coin and it landed on heads.... the reworked version.

'PQ' an old(ish) self promotional image i've being using in 2009.