Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Constable country walk.

A few weeks ago me and Gemma went for a wonder around Flatford Mill about half a hours drive away from where we live in Suffolk. The day was beautiful, and the scenery sublime. I took with-me some suitable artistic recording equipment (pencils / sketchbook and a camera) and started to draw. Looking out upon the landscape as Constable had some 200 years previous.. looking for inspiration.

After 30mins i quickly found myself becoming bored of the trees, bushes, streams and cottages. Its great... beautiful, but not for me... it just wasn't working. I then started to look around and watch how the visitors started to interact with the landscape and with each other.
Then, the place in which constable painted so many of his memorable and famous paintings started to come alive with the hustle and bustle of people. This was something i didn't expect, crowds of people walking through fields following the well trodden path towards Dedham village. It was then I found my personal interest i was looking for in this beautiful landscape.

I also found these consumer beef products quite interesting too... I've never been a one for drawing animals. So for the first time in public, here's some COWS...yumyum.