Sunday, 27 September 2009

Henry Moore - Perry Green

'Large Upright Internal/External Form'

'Locking Piece'

This week I fondly remembered an art trip I went on back in 1994 (ish) aged 14. Not exactly clued up on artists at the time, I remember being taken to a park in Yorkshire where some dude (Henry Moore) was showing some sculptures. It was a great day out and one of my first memories of drawing outside. I always remember it been quite a challenge drawing the organic shapes and practicing my tonal shading while trying to dodge sheep and their poo. The park was of course ' Yorkshire sculpture park' where a number of Moore's works where on show.

Some 16 years later the memories seemed to be revisited at Henry Moore's home and studios in Perry Green Hertfordshire. The Day was fantastic and the weather sublime. We visited his house and I became quite jealous of his many studios. We also walked around the grounds where a number of his sculptures from his personal collection lie. Taking plenty of photos and drawing some of the sculptures, remembering how fantastic and challenging they are to draw. If you haven't been to Perry Green I would definitely recommend it.