Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lielow & Sketch - Square Route

As the sun sets on Animal House I'm pleased to announce it was a tremendous success. People came from far and wide to view the odd creatures that lurked within.

As the new day dawns all the Animals have scurried away leaving in its place an eclectic mix of works all restricted to 50x50cm in size. 'Square Route' begins on the 24th of October through to the 31st. Located In the same place as the last, Electric house, Graham & Oldham Artists Gallery, Ipswich Suffolk.

Opening times from midday to 6pm
Private view 23rd of Oct 6.30pm - 9-30pm
For more info please visit Lielow & Sketch

Here is a taster of my Entries. 'Pigs heads and porn stars' and 'Path to Dedem' I think you can figure out which ones which. To see them in their full 50x50 glory head down to 'Square Route'......go know you should! know you want to!

Additional prints and other niceties also on sale.