Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Scattercats Artwork

It's been almost a year since i created the first gig poster for the Scattercats, a local band based in Woodbridge Suffolk. As another gig draws near, another poster was called for (check out the link for more details) and so the creative cogs start to turn.
I've always liked creating the artwork for the band. It's different from my usual style, layering up photos with textures instead of using of my drawings. In the process of creating the newest poster I decided to look back over my previous offerings and see how they worked as a collecting of images. Here I've stripped back the text (an area in-which I always feel inadequate in dealing with) to leave just the artwork. The original photographs supplied by Gary James.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Fruit 'nd' Vegetables

Its being a while since I've posted a great deal of new stuff on the blog, so here you are...some fruit and veg.... Or an Orange, a mushroom and a pepper to be more precise. I haven't really attempted to cover much food in my portfolio so thought i would give it a go.
For the majority of February I've being rejigging my physical portfolio (something I should do more often) and doing quite a bit of online self-promo stuff. Including a new portfolio over at contact-a-creative. More new work coming soon.

AOI Images 33 in Suffolk

AOI's Images 33 is on tour and is currently at Suffolk Universities new water front building in Ipswich. I went along to the opening night and was very impressed, It was great to meet Becky Brown and see some truly inspirational work including that of my former tutors Jill Calder and Jonathan Gibbs. I would highly recommend a look if you are in the area. Its on now until the 26th of March.