Tuesday, 31 May 2011

J.M.Coetzee Disgrace

During last year I was commissioned by the Folio Society to illustrate a phenomenal, yet deeply unsettling novel by J.M Coetzee, 'Disgrace' The narrative is set in post apartheid South Africa and centres around the complex character of 'David Lurie'.
Lurie, a university lecturer who's affair with one of his students starts a sequence of events that make him question his own personal beliefs and forces him to come to terms with a changing society. Disgrace won the booker prize in 1999 and has more recently been made into a film staring John Malkovich.

Illustrating disgrace was intense; the novel themes are complex and brutally analyse issues such as race & gender within a volatile time in South Africa's history. For every illustration within the book their was at least another handful of options which didn't make it. I hope the illustrations I produced and the selections I made do justice to a phenomenal novel. You can now buy "Disgrace" through the Folio Society website here


I occasionally dabble in a bit of graphic design, most of it is rubbish but sometimes I produce something I like. I've recently designed a logo for 'Cantina - Mexican food with no fixed abode'. A local company who specialise in popup Mexican food around the Woodbridge area of Suffolk. The first night was last Sunday (29th May ) and was a fantastic success.

Keep an eye out for further Cantina popups through their website

Friday, 27 May 2011

Nursing Standard

A recent commission for Nursing standard magazine .

The article is about dignity volunteers. The volunteers liaison between patients, carers and family members after a decision is made that a patient will be allowed to die. The volunteers will help make the patients comfortable and visit the patients when family members are absent.

The image I've included here isn't the one that was chosen (you can see that in the magazine) but is the solution I preferred to a difficult article.