Tuesday, 31 May 2011

J.M.Coetzee Disgrace

During last year I was commissioned by the Folio Society to illustrate a phenomenal, yet deeply unsettling novel by J.M Coetzee, 'Disgrace' The narrative is set in post apartheid South Africa and centres around the complex character of 'David Lurie'.
Lurie, a university lecturer who's affair with one of his students starts a sequence of events that make him question his own personal beliefs and forces him to come to terms with a changing society. Disgrace won the booker prize in 1999 and has more recently been made into a film staring John Malkovich.

Illustrating disgrace was intense; the novel themes are complex and brutally analyse issues such as race & gender within a volatile time in South Africa's history. For every illustration within the book their was at least another handful of options which didn't make it. I hope the illustrations I produced and the selections I made do justice to a phenomenal novel. You can now buy "Disgrace" through the Folio Society website here