Friday, 2 November 2012

Cricket Magzine Commission

The November/ December edition of Cricket Magazine has just been launched within which I was asked to illustrate one of the stories. Its a publication I've never come across before until I was asked to illustrate the story of 'The Wooden Apple'. The Magazine is aimed at kids aged 9-14 and includes stories, quizzes, poetry, recipes and more! It's fantastically illustrated from cover to cover and a breath of fresh air compared to many of the kids publication I've looked at on the shelves of my local newsagents. The publication is based in the USA with international subscription, it got me thinking is there anything like this in the UK? All I see in the kids section of WHSmiths is dumbed down Disney/Tv mags that rely on (dare i say it ) over digitised imagery which has a tendency to make all the publication look very similar. Maybe I'm missing the interesting stuff and need to look a little harder?

The story I was asked to illustrate 'The Wooden Apple' is written by Johanna Stein and based upon shared family memories of World War 2. It centers around events that unfold when two German Soldiers stay with a family in Netherlands during the occupation. As well as been my first international commission its also the first time I've created images for a younger audience and something I should aim to do more often. Images included are the two main illustrations in context plus stand alone images along with a couple of sketcher's and a spot illustration.