Friday, 9 November 2012

Nursing Standard Magazine

 Last year I was commissioned by Nursing Standard Magazine to illustrate an article about Dignity Volunteers. It was a difficult subject to tackle and I was never very happy with my finished result. I posted on this blog an alternative version of the image of which I preferred. After recently updating my  portfolio I came across the illustration that was printed and decide to re-jig slightly. The original colours I had used seemed too harsh so I've changed the colour pallet and added a different background, bottom image.

  I still don't think the concept is great but it did go to print so i didn't want to backtrack with regards to how else I could have tackled the subject. Ive also re-jigged my 'preferred alternative version' of the image, top. I'm now happier with the final outcome and feel they make a difference over the original images printed. 

Note to self, stop faffing around with old images and get on with something new!