Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New for 2013......

Hand crafted Badges & Brooches

 Over the past few years I have started to use January as an evaluation month to reassess my previous years creative journey to give focus for the year head. As a consequence I've decided that during 2013 I intend to move away from digital ways of working as my main creative format. My focus instead will be re-exploring a variety of physical mediums,  developing my skills as a painter, along with developing printing and drawing skills. I'm hoping that my creative output will be interesting and varied and that you will continue to read whatever (potential crap) I post up.

 I will still be available for commissioned work using my regular digital style (see portfolio) It just means my illustration portfolio will be taking a back seat for while, while I readjust my creative focus. So stick with my blog and let see what happens in 2013…..

 First up I've been experimenting with small scale badges and brooches. Using some of the textures I'm use to scanning and developing digitally, I've decided to chop them up and use them as miniature canvases. The Badges / Brooches are all hand crafted and are uniquely individual with their lumps, bumps, holes and marks. They have all being sealed using high quality matt varnish and will be available to buy to buy in my new etsy online store. Old and new prints will become available to buy in the coming weeks along with experimental drawing and paintings. So keep popping back to see whats new….